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Simple Way To Change Your Facebook Name: in Easy Guide

Does Facebook have a method to change your name on facebook? YES, A lot of users see it difficult to find this on facebook platform all because they use a name title that is hard for their family, friend to recognizes them

if it happens that you are changing your name because you got married or for some other reasons, then in this review, you have gotten your solution.

Why You May Have Problem To Changing Your Name

If you are encountering problems changing your facebook name, it is because of one of the following reasons.

  • You didn’t follow the above guidelines
  • Your previous change name on facebook was done less than 60 days ago.
  • Failure to confirm your name on Facebook.
  • Change name on Facebook might not work if the name doesn’t that on your ID.
  • change Facebook Name
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How to Edit Your Name Title On Facebook

Be below is an Easy Guide

  • Start from your browser
  • Continue at Facebook login platform
  • Locate and click on the down arrow icon on the top left corner
  • select settings
  • Click on the edit link for the name.
  • Open on your new facebook name
  • Now click on review Change.
  • You might be advised to enter your password
  • lastly, click Save Changes.

Note that Facebook only allows users to change the name on Facebook only 60 days after the previous change.

Facebook Name Guidelines

Facebook set down laws for usernames. Do not include the following on your facebook name.

  • Logos or numbers.
  • Avoid unusual capitalization, reforming characters, or random punctuation.
  • Do not mix characters from many languages.
  • No addition of titles
  • Facebook appears not to phrase as names
  • No Invasion or symbolic words allowed.
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Other guidelines to keep in thought when you want to exchange your name on facebook

  • Do not imitate another person
  • Change name on facebook to your common name as in your ID card. Because you might be asked to show proof someday. See facebook ID list.
  • Only use nicknames that are relatable to your actual names.
  • You can also enter other names on facebook such as first name, nickname, acknowledged name.
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Note: If the said rules are followed correctly, you will not have difficulty editing the name on the platform.

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