Attack On Titan Characters

Attack On Titan Characters| New Season For Free Download Now

This movie, Attack Of The Titan Characters is based on three childhood best friends, Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Amin Arlet. They enter a military corporation called Survey corps to fight the things that had destroyed their town, they went into the corporation to fight The Colossal Titan, a huge evolved anthropoid that threatens everything they have ever known. Will they succeed or will they fail? The new and finale season of Attack On Titan will tell you that with their wonderful characters that bring to life a whole new world or dimension.

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Attack On Titan Characters

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Characters In Attack On Titan Movie

Below are some of these characters: 

  1. Eren Yeager
  2. Mikasa Ackerman
  3. Armin Arlet
  4. Levi
  5. Erwin Smith
  6. Hange Zoe
  7. Bertolt Hoover
  8. Historia Reiss
  9. Connie Springer
  10. Jean Kirstein
  11. Annie Leonhart
  12. Dot Pyxis
  13. Frieda Reiss
  14. Sasha Braus
  15. Marco Bodt
  16. Eld Gin
  17. Kitz Weilman
  18. Grisha Jaeger
  19. Floch Forster
  20. Ymir and so many others

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Nevertheless, the music of this Japanese movie was by Shiro Sagisu while the cinematographer is Shoji Ehara. The very first season of this anime was released On the 14 of July 2015. So to all lovers or devoters of Japanese movies, anime, or manga, rush now and download for free this amazing action-packed Japanese movie. 

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