Check Out Crazy Things Women Do On A First Date

See some of the strange attitudes women portray during the first date to either an act of nervousness or a test for their partner. There are so many more first impressions in a meeting than you know!

1.  Takes Time Picking From The Menu

Most men like to choose whatever they want on the food menu; it is so complex for ladies.

Since it`s the first outing, women don`t want to request anything too costly, and also nothing too huge so that her date won’t think she is devouring. If the woman picks a salad, then she will only feel famished later on in the outing.

2.  Arrives Late

While most people believe ladies come late because it’s stylish, the fact is it’s because it consumes time to get so perfect on a first date.

3.  Dresses To Impress


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To create a good idea of them in mind on the first date, ladies will do more than enough to dress well to impress their partner. They will most times shop for new dresses for the outing and even new cosmetics and fragrance too.

4.  Looks For Clues


You can know so much about an individual by the way they look. Things like; is his hair washed? What about the mouth, did he have a mouthwash? A girl can determine if her partner hasn`t endeavored.

5.  Avoid Awkward Silence

Uncomfortable silences are terrible most of the time, but on a first appointment, they can be very annoying. Even conversing about trash talks is helpful than silence.

6.  Text Their Buddies How The Date Is Going

Things Women Do On A First Date

While it can be considered improper to use your mobile phone while on a date, ladies can’t stop texting their friends with all the features.

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7.  Nervous Fidgeting

Things Women Do On A First Date

When a lady feels nervous on a date, she will twirl her hair most of the time and fiddle with anything they find on the desk. Men also wiggle when agitated but in different forms.

8.  Constant Smiling

Things Women Do On A First Date

Whether females are having a good time or not, they will maintain a smile through the first outing. So you will not know if they are smiling because they are enjoying themselves or smiling while seeking the closest exit.

9.  Look For Deal Breakers

Things Women Do On A First Date

Some of the queries ladies ask on a first meeting are not ever a topic for conversation; they are performance tests. So, guys, it is advisable that you think before you respond.

10. Act Smarter And More Interesting

Things Women Do On A First Date

During this first contact, ladies like to create a picture of themselves being smart to seem more advanced. So they often discuss exciting things instead of the typical celebrity snoop and boy groups.

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