7 Apr 2020
Self Entitled

3 Symptoms Your Partner Is “Self Entitled”

Most maximum relationships these days suffer from this current issue known as Self-entitlement. This is when an individual perceives themselves as deserving of unearned privileges.

These are the people who believe life owes them something; a reward, a measure of success, a particular standard of living among many other mundane things.

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Having The “Me Before You” Reasoning

A sense of entitlement brings with it an inflexible attitude. There is a lack of understanding of others’ needs and certain social situations, accompanied by an expectation that you should be far more interested in their life than they are in yours.

There is an exaggerated sense of self-importance accompanied by fantasies of power, beauty, and brilliance. Compromises that require one to meet others halfway don’t exist in the world of the entitled. Everyone else is either competition – threatening their success – or irrelevant.

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