Relationship Tips| Why Dating Should Is Not For Students

We live in a society that does not afford us the opportunity to critically analyze the problems or consequences of the lifestyles it presents to us until we become victims of our choices and of this lifestyle. Our society celebrates an end and not the means to an end. And also brings to the limelight various lifestyles of pleasure keeping its after-effects in the dark far away from our knowledge.

Common among the younger generation is the term ‘Dating’. It is a form of romantic courtship typically between two individuals mostly a boy and a girl with the aim of assessing the other’s suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship or as a spouse. But the outcome of its aim which is “assessing the other’s suitability as a partner” on the younger generation cannot be overemphasized as it has done more harm than good to our generation of young people and society as a whole.

Although dating may lead to marriage, the problem now is that a greater percentage of those who are involved in it are not yet mature in all ramifications of life and don’t enter into it with the sole aim of getting married to each other in the long run. And because of this, its disadvantages turn out to be far greater than its advantages. It could lead to the following:

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Emotional trauma. Due to the fact that those involved in this form of relationship are not fully mature, they lack the willpower; knowledge, and ability to handle any form of misunderstanding that arises in the relationship and so are easily destabilized. Some may even go to the extent of committing suicide or murder in order to express their displeasure or pain.

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Low academic performance: A student can be so infatuated with love or be carried away by this form of relationship that he/she forgets his/her main aim of being in school. Also due to some emotional challenges like betrayal, a student may tend to neglect or give a blind eye to his academics as he nurses his wound.

It beclouds the victim’s sense of reasoning: Individuals who are into this form of relationship tend to give deaf ears to people’s advice or suggestions. They see their own opinion as the best even when they are falling headlong into a pit. Their sense of reasoning eludes them as they are being carried away by the pleasures they enjoy at the moment and would only realize what they’ve gotten themselves into when they become victims of their actions.

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A serious problem with resources: This could be in the area of finance. Every relationship needs finance to survive and because these individuals who are involved in this form of relationship are still dependent on their parents, they will end up spending the little allowance they have been provided with on their partner and will eventually end up broke. However, in other to sustain the relationship, they may resort to illegal activities so as to make ends meet.

Unwanted pregnancy: In the course of this relationship, the girl may end up becoming pregnant and since she was not prepared for it. She may resort to abortion which may eventually claim her life. But even if she survives it, she will end up living with its scare forever.

However, dating is not entirely a wrong precept, only that it should be entirely the game of the mature in heart and mind. For those who know how to, people date for several positive reasons such as the craving for attention with which they can shore up their low self-esteem. Dating brings up the fruitful engagement of adults of the opposite sexes which in most times end up in successful marriages. It provides a venue for adults to know themselves better, their likes, dislikes, aspirations, and so on and sees where they blend so as to strike a working partnership in marriage.

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In this wise students’ indulgence in it shows they are only assuming maturity since they have a more arduous task to overcome – their education – before thinking of engaging in meaningful dating. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

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