PES 21

PES 21 Download : Everything You Need To Know About The PES 21 Update

Konami announced very recently that PES 21 is going to be nothing more than a simple update of PES 20. This was undeniably a risky decision, but it was very well received by fans. It is being something that is even being able to attract the attention of FIFA players, who do not understand why EA does not do the same when FIFA hardly changes from year to year.

That is, very briefly, while EA will bet on a new release for FIFA 21, which no one is expecting to be very different from last year’s version. Konami is changing its strategy by launching an update that, despite being paid for, will be sold at a much more affordable price compared to the price that the full game usually has.

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PES 21 will rule the market 

After all, FIFA games from year to year have been practically the same, with only minor changes in gameplay, and of course, with updates to the planes. As such, it ends up making no sense to pay almost € 80 every year (normal price in Portugal), to play the same thing.

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That said, it seems obvious that this risky move by Konami was designed to get players to seriously think about what they are doing with their money. This is at the same time that the studio begins to ‘train’ for the new generation of consoles.

Thus, we are not sure how the market will work when PES 21 and FIFA 21 are launched. However, one thing is certain! It has not been as unpredictable for many years as it is now.

In short, we will have to wait and see what will happen soon, that is, wait for an answer from EA.