Facebook Dating App

Facebook Dating App: How to use the Facebook Dating App

Do you know Facebook has launched a dating Highlight? If No follow up with this article to get full insight into it. Because in this article, we will explain in full about Facebook Dating Feature. Nevertheless, the Facebook Dating app doesn’t have an outside app; it’s a feature in the Facebook Application. I believe we all know what Facebook is. Facebook is a wild social media platform with billions of users beyond the Globe.

I believe the many of us don’t know about Facebook Dating Feature. Follow up with this article, for you will get a full summary of the Dating Feature in this article. Like I said about, there’s no separate app for the Facebook Dating App; it a feature in the Facebook app itself. The Dating app is inbuilt in the Facebook application.

Facebook Dating App

This Dating Feature allows users access to find a match, singles who are available to mingle and lovers. Tho this feature is limited to some countries, which means it is not available in all countries for now.

Your Location and your interest will be used to match you with someone on the Facebook Dating App. Like I said above, the Dating Feature is a feature in the main Facebook application. It doesn’t have an External Application.

Facebook Dating App

How do I find and set up the Facebook Dating app? To set up and find the Dating Feature is easy. Genially follow the following easy guide you set up your Facebook Dating. It’s located under your Main Facebook Account Profile.

  1. Launch your Facebook application, then go to the account profile.
  2. You will see a Heart icon (love sign) at the very top of your Facebook profile.
  3. Kindly click on it to set up your Facebook Dating account. Follow the on-screen instructions to set it up, very easy and straightforward.

With the above guide, you have successfully created your Dating profile.

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Facebook also has dating groups where one can go in search of singles for free and available to all countries. Which means anyone can access this platform irrespective of your location.

However, to use the Facebook app, you must have an account registered. This means you must sign up for an account on Facebook. To signup, kindly launch your web browser and visit the facebook official platform via Facebook.com. Then click on the signup link and fill up all the required documents.

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