Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook Privacy Settings: How To Set Facebook Account Settings

What is Facebook Privacy Setting? Well, I will first clear my audience my defining what Facebook is before diving into Facebook privacy settings. So, what is Facebook? What is Facebook Account Setting?

Facebook is a web social media interface where you can connect with family and friends both locally and internationally. With the Facebook interface, you can quickly make new friends from around the world without leaving your area. You don’t only chat with Facebook. You can also execute voice and video calls on the platform. The interface also has a business tool for both small and large scale enterprises. It is analyzed that well; almost half of the world’s population is found on Facebook.

What Is Facebook Account Settings?

This element on Facebook is an important part of being on Facebook as a whole. You will recognize this if you have checked out this feature before. But if you are, we are still going to be seeing you through. The Facebook account settings are a group of alternatives available to aid Facebook members, in particular, edit necessary account likes on their different Facebook accounts.

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This is a platform on Facebook where you manage most if not all the actions of your Facebook account. In this interface, you can choose and change your Facebook features like your Facebook name, notifications choices, email contact specifications, security traits, and so much more.

How Do You Access Facebook Account Settings

For you to locate this Facebook tool, you require a Facebook account. This suggests that if you do not own a Facebook account, you will not access this tool. So hence, for you to be capable of making use of this tool, you need to produce your Facebook account. To generate a Facebook account, go to the official platform at www.facebook.com online to create your new account. Now to locate the Facebook account settings tool heed the steps here;

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On Desktop;

  • First, Log in to your created Facebook account.
  • On the Facebook page, tap on the arrow icon pointing down.
  • Tap on settings.
  • You will be led straight to your Facebook account settings screen
  • You can now update your Facebook profile to what you need it to be.

On Your Mobile App;

  • Start the app on your mobile device.
  • Tap on the menu symbol. This icon looks like a three horizontal line overlapping each other, which can be discovered on the head right corner of your Facebook page.
  • You will be led to the Facebook account settings list.
  • That’s all you require to reach this Facebook feature.
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Facebook Privacy Settings

This element is very much alike to the Facebook account settings. This statement is because the privacy settings on Facebook can be located via the Facebook account settings.

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