Best Way to Block Websites on Chrome Web Browser 

Are you the type of person that wastes time scrolling down on your Facebook feed? Or, you may be the one who wants to inflict phylogenetic control over the kid’s network? Whatever the cause is, you have to block particular websites on your devices.

Google Chrome is the usual popular web browser in the entire world. For the same cause, here you are going to capture a few ideas, which help you can limit or block websites on Chrome Android & PC. We have outlined the multiple opinions below. You can pick the one that you think is most suitable. So, let’s get fired up.

How to Block Websites on Google Chrome Android & Windows PC?

Blocking with Hosts File

Do you require to block specific websites from your computer, not just Chrome only? Then, editing the Hosts file is the best way you can go through it.

Step 1: You have to open the File Explorer and follow the path C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\. Alternatively, you can open Notepad, go to file>> Open and opt for the same directory.

Windows Hosts Files

Step 2: Once you are there in the etc. folder, you can see a file called hosts. Just open it up using a manual editor. Given that Notepad is general to all Windows computers, you can go with it.

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Step 3: Let’s say you need to block Then, add at the end of the file. For this method to work, you might have to include the www version of the URL as well.

There you go! You can use this plan to block certain websites from all the browsers.

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Managing Block Site Extension [Desktop]

Step 1: Of course, you have to start the Chrome browser (which you might already be using) and use the following link below.

Install Website Blocker for Chrome

Step 2: Once you are there on the Extension listing, you will have to tap the Add to Chrome collum. Next, the browser will show a small pop-up, requesting you to verify your choice. Now tap the Add Extension space.

Install Website Blocker for Chrome

Step 3: While you will get a new button right next to the address bar on making the installation.

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Step 4: Right-click on the Block Site button and choose Options. 

Step 5: Thou, you might have imagined what to do. Just enter the domain name[site name ] of the site you want to block and hit the Add Site button. There you go!

In a matter like you want to block adult websites or sites by keywords, go to adult authority. There, you will have the columns you want. You can edit the preference by opting for Settings of the sidebar.

How to Block a Websites

How to Block Websites on Chrome for Android?

The rules given above help you block specific sites from the computer version of Chrome. You can use the first system on any platform (whether it is Mac, Linux, or Windows). What if you want to do the same thing on Android?

As you all know, Chrome for Android doesn’t recommend extensions. Neither do we get the ability to edit the host’s file on the platform as well. What can you do? Well, you can use Trend Micro antivirus to get the feature on Android.

Step 1: Install the antivirus app from the Play Store and launch it up.

Step 2: What you should opt for then is the Safe Surfing option. You will see a blocked list feature at the bottom.

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Step 3: Tap Add Option and enter the URL (with a name for identification).

That’s it! When you try to access the added website, you will see the following message.

Block Websites on Chrome Android Using Trend Micro antivirus

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work when someone tries to access the blocked site from incognito or private mode.


To block particular sites on Chrome. For accessibility, we have reviewed different ways for Windows and Android. As you now read, the first method refers to any platform, given the Chrome browser is available for it.