Textnow login

Textnow login | And How To Download the Texnow App

Textnow gives you your very own phone number which you could use to Text and call your friends, family with Textnow Premium apk. However, Textnow Premium apk is a modern application that gives normal apps functions to its users. Also, it serves just like a regular messaging app like Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp but with a mobile number. with the contribution if this platform has made the world connect more neatly and quickly which allows you to contact people. Around the world freely and free and get connected and closer.

Textnow Premium apk is a premium service that is a paid feature now available at a low price with the benefits of Ad removal. Also, you can Forward calls to your Textnow phone number to any other phone number in the US or Canada. However, if you are on a premium service your Textnow phone number will be lock and won’t be recycled for inactivity. The premium services are available at monthly and yearly rates ad will auto-renew every month or year depending on which you have chosen.

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Textnow login


Some of the features of TextNow are as follows.

  1. Sign Up to get a FREE Phone-number in any area code for the US localities.
  2. Add multiple burner lines, no contract, and no need to change SIM cards.
  3. Enjoy unlimited calling and texting.
  4. Enjoy free calls & SMS via WiFi or cellular data, a similar feature is available on Whatsapp.
  5. Your friends don’t need to have the TextNow app to receive your calls.
  6. A temporary no to protect your privacy.
  7. Stay connected while your phone is out of service.
  8. Choose vanity numbers that may not be available from AT&T or Verizon.
  9. Worldwide Phone service is not available other than the app-to-app conversation.
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For privacy policy and data protection rules visit the developer’s website for more info. Do you use the app? Let us know the tips and tricks along with your reviews in the comments section below.

How Can I Download the Texnow Premium Apk?

To download this app is available in Google play store and also iOS respectively but the apk files could be download online and not in store. However, the Textnow premium apk application will upgrade your communication process with many people with new Gadgets like Voicemail. Videos sending, group so that you can do with the premium services are upgraded to Maximize speed. Here are a few steps on how to download the Textnow premium apk;

  • Launch any web browser on either your mobile phone or PC.
  • In your web browser enter Textnow premium apk in search engine and click search.
  • Be careful from the website you download this application apk from due to malware and virus. Click on the website.
  • At the homepage of the website, navigate to the download link and click on to proceed and agree to download.
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