How To Dress On The First Date_for men

How To Dress On The First Date_For mens

So you have finally met a partner after desiring it for so long. You already have her number, and you’ve been talking to her for a few days.

It pleases you, and you made an appointment. You can go out for a coffee, to eat something and perhaps to the movies. You know they say that the first impression is what counts.

How To Dress On The First Date_for men

You think about how to dress for that first date so as not to look like a bum or a bored guy too formal. Well, here are some recommendations to help you create a perfect impression on your first date.
If you’re worried about this, you are not alone.

It is usual for you to get anxious on your first date. It’s like a job interview, where you have to be impeccable following some codes. The essential thing is that you do not look very careless (as badly-bathed) or very produced (like a Ken or a Barbie).

The Jeans, the most used garment on the first date

Yes, jeans are a very good option. In such a case, one of the straight legs is preferable and of a dark tonality. Beware of jeans that are too tight or too wide. You could take away that person who took the time to share with you.
Ok, you’re a fan of reggaeton or rapper, but if you want to meet a serious person (who wants something dangerous), it would be worth dropping those pants that go too tight that they reveal the lines of your underwear or boxers.
The best option is that you choose basic jeans (without too many adornments), without breaks or rips and your size.
Shirt or flannel

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A button-down shirt will make you look great. The decision to wear short or

will depend on you. Remember that if it is long sleeve, you can fold it towards your elbows since this will make you look relaxed and comfortable.

If you want even more informality, you can combine your jeans with a chemise or polo.
The most natural look (which is well combined does not fail) is to use a unicoloured flannel down and an open shirt up (long or short sleeves).


Always opt for primary or flat colors, that is, what is not too stamped, striped or checked. If the idea is to get attention, you can do it, when you go alone to a place, but it would be worth not doing it on your first date. The black or dark blue color for the shirt or flannel will never leave you badly stopped.

The Jacket of clothing

The jacket will make you look more casual/serious. You can use it in cool places where sooner or later you will go cold. If you’re going to be hot, obviously do not wear it.
A good blazer that fits you will show you as a person who “has the style to wear”. If you do not have any, it’s time to get at least one navy blue (or brown).

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My recommendation is that it would be worthwhile for the boots to be casual, clean, and well-polished (if applicable). Sandals for men, flip-flops or beach cholas would not be a good option for the first date (you could use them from the fourth or fifth date). If your shoes are braided, make sure they are securely tied.

Every detail matters, so take care of your accessories too Your appointment is likely fixed in the small details, from the state of the shoes to the style and quantity of your accessories such as a watch, chains, strap, wallet/purse.

For this reason, on the first date, it would be worthwhile to use a ring or bracelet (not both accessories in the same hand). Apply something similar for the necklaces. Choose an elegant watch like the Breitling chronomat to create a good impression.
On the other hand, crossed bags or messenger bags should stay at home (no matter how practical they are for you).
These little details will be the litmus test for a second date. Beware of excesses!

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What you must AVOID on the first date

 Go in shorts

• Wear sports/gym clothes
• Look like your mom dresses you
• Look like a malandro or drug dealer
• Use too much perfume
• Use a wallet with magic closure (leave them to the children)
• Have a lousy body or oral hygiene
• Use clothes that are not your size
• Have a bad mood

Remember that it is the first date and that the appearance at this moment matters a lot. So much so, that this will be a factor that will allow you to reach a second date or not.