best launchers for android

Best iOS Launchers you can install on Android Phone.

A launcher is also known as a home screen; the launchers allow Android users to customize their home screen the way they desire. Do you know that iOS Launchers can actually work on your Android Phone, but you don’t know the one that will be good on your device? Launchers are pressed for the opening of apps, arranging apps in an app drawer, and accessing the notification panel.

Do you have an Android phone but you like to have an iOS Launcher on your Android smartphone. iOS launchers help you to get iOS-like themes & UI Android. Below are some iOS Launchers that you can download, it will help you to change the look of your Android smartphone to iOS device.

iOS Launchers for Android

Below are our best 5 iOS Launchers you can get for your Android device base on user reviews.

X Launcher

X Launcher is a cool, and speedy launcher for your Android Phone. The launcher enables you to customize your android phone to make it looks like OS 12. It has a Fast Control Center; you just have to swipe up to enter Control Center, Set WiFi, Brightness, Network, Volume, and Take Photo quickly. It has numerous themes, icons, and wallpapers that you help you to beautify your phone.

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best launchers for android

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xOS Launcher

xOS Launcher is one of the best iOS Launchers you can get for your Android Phone. If you want to get a taste of iOS on your Android smartphone, then I recommend the launcher to you. The launcher is light, stylish, amazing, customizable, beautiful, and simple to use. You can check the launcher out; you will surely love it, kindly open your play store to download it.

One Launcher

This app is another option for you if you want to change the home screen of your Android phone to iOS. One Launcher simulates the iOS transition effects, icon packs, and other system icons. The launcher has unread count, and gestures support features. It is a simple, lightweight, and user-friendly launcher that has HD quality. The launcher has smart widgets, flexible theme options, and effects. One Launcher App does not occupy the storage space on your phone; the size of the app is 5MB. You can also get the app on Playstore.

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iLauncher is a powerful home screen launcher that enables you to experience the super speedy and smooth operation. This launcher has more than 10,000 2D/3D ios Theme with icon packs that you can use to design your home screen. It also has animation effects, live wallpapers, widgets, and transition effects. It allows you to customize your home screen the way you want. You can download the application on the Google Playstore App on your phone.

iPhone X Launcher

iPhone X Launcher is one of the best iOS Launchers you can get for your Android Phone. It is an excellent app for you to experience the iOS-like screen and iPhone UI on your Android smartphone. This launcher will make your Android smartphone look like a real iPhone X device. The launcher is easy to use, light, and fast, it will add the skin of iOS 12 on your Android, which will make your phone be like an iPhone.

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iPhone X Launcher highlights a clean and straightforward design that does not consume your phone battery. Other features include iOS search, smart search, iOS lock screen&password, and iOS wallpaper. You can download the Application on Google Playstore by searching for the app on the search engine. When you get the app, you can click on the download option to download and install the app on your device.