Make Your Boyfriend Start Thinking Of Marrying You

Most times, it may seem that men are from another planet, lacking emotional sensitivity, not able to say the appropriate words at the right time, do the proper thing at the right time, and this can be downright annoying and frustrating.

Or are things going great in your relationship, when you imagine the future, you picture being his wife? Growing old together, buying your first home, going on adventures, and watching your children get married. It could be that he probably loves you because he tells you every day, but you feel the relationship has hit a standpoint or a grid. You are ready to take the plunge, but he seems less concerned about taking things forward.

In this article am going to show you a step by step guide on how to get him to start thinking of you to the point of wanting to say the words “I DO.” In it, I have put together all the tricks, strategies and psychological hints that if you start using, you will have him drooling over you and want you all to himself.

For years women were made to believe that having a man to propose was a thing of faith and luck. In my opinion, having him to pop the question is about putting the right strategies in place. The approach I will show you will go far beyond thinking about you, then proposing, but these steps will also keep him loyal to you, even in the marriage, more like putting him under a “spell” for life.

Become his weak spot

The fact that your man hasn’t proposed to you yet doesn’t rule out the fact that he isnt considering you as a life partner in the future. Probably he needs an assurance that you’re the best fit for him.

Now, the trick is to make sure he sees you in that light, became his close confidant, his best friend, if you don’t already, become a professional in cooking his favorite meals. While you’re this, you need to understand that men need alone time too, give him time to breathe.

Don’t invest yourself entirely involved in the relationship.

This might sound counter-intuitive, but it is essential to give yourself time and place some worth on you, this is important because he needs to see that you care about yourself, you have dreams, goals, aspirations, and you can’t give that up all the time for him.

Calling him consistently, early in the relationship, maybe tolerable; however, you need to know when to draw the line, or he’ll get bored of the relationship and you too quickly, and feel that you don’t have anything worthwhile to do with your life.

You must plan on how you’re going to invest and focus on yourself. Visit the spa, workout, give your skin a treat, relax. Do this, and in no time you’ll become irresistible to him. I’m sure you’re aware that a man is moved by what he sees. So a perfect combination of fitness and beauty will make him fall head over heels in love with you. And this will get him to start thinking of proposing to you.

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The Move Trick.

The move trick is based on the scarcity principle. Here is how you go about it. Slowly hint the fact you are having the thought of moving to another town or city for better job opportunities, or you want a change of scenery.

You are beginning to look for accommodation in those cities and tell him how excited you’re about the job prospects in that city and how it will be an excellent feat for your career. Now, it’s not a must that you have any plans of moving, the thought of you going away, out of his reach, will make him pop the question.

Start having more girl time

The goal of any woman in a relationship is to find love, respect, acceptance, passion, security, and to be desired, to the end, women are very invested in their relationships and sometimes make their world revolve around their man, leaving their girlfriends to suffer. When the girls request a night out, you refuse, week after week, you keep ignoring, and soon, your friends stop asking. Girl, you need to stop! It is essential not to neglect your friends just because you’re in a relationship.

You have to show him that you have friends in your life who you’re equally committed to. Instead of waiting at home for him to get back from work every day, do things that matter to you. Plan a weekend getaway with your friends, and don’t let him know until Thursday night.

All this is a perfect ploy to make him feel insecure and make him feel like you’re slipping from his fingers. Scarcity can be your friend. Sooner than later, he will feel your absence and want you in his life for good.

Make him know you have options

With this trick, the approach is crucial. Don’t let it seem so obvious and don’t scare him either; best of all, don’t say anything stupid. Now, he trusts you and loves you very much, that fact you know, however, you need to make him realize that if it’s not him that takes to the aisle, you have got other options.

You need to let him know you’re attracted to other guys, and they are as well interested in you. One way to do this is by talking about features in other guys that interest you or just staring at a guy in front of you with approving eye. Talk about guys who compliment you. He will start to take the cue and want you all for himself by getting engaged to you.

Stop the wedding talk

He is not daft, he knows that you want to get hitched because you constantly talk to him about everything, from the particular wedding outfit you have always wanted to the best wedding locations in the country, and he finds wedding magazine in you home, and you’re following all the latest wedding gossip on Instagram and top blogs.

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If you want him to put a ring on it, you need to stop talking about anything that has to do with weddings. Play it like you don’t care anymore. You have made your intentions known to him, how both of you will make a perfect couple. Now, you need to play it cool until he takes the move.

Disappear for a while

No jokes, just disappear, go anywhere. Get off his face for a while, travel, get out of the city this is another psychological trick that works, if you want him to put a ring on it, plan a trip that he will notice. Make plans big and lavish. You can choose to go on the trip solo or get a couple of your girlfriends to spend the trip with you. Be sure to make the location a choice destination, a tropical resort, an island, let him spend all this time thinking of how you’re fed coconut chips by muscle men.

Don’t break communication with him, but make it short and precise. You’re having the time of your life and wouldn’t want to spend more time on the phone rather than sunbathing on the sunny beach. Going on an adventurous vacation without him, you’re inevitably going to put him on his toes, don’t be surprised when he decides to pop the question a week or month after your return.


Let him know getting married isn’t that expensive.

A lot of guys get scared of how much an engagement ring will cost, or even how much the wedding will amount to. While the average cost of a standard diamond ring is roughly above $3k, this doesn’t mean he has to go all out and buy you a 2-carat piece.

If you want to get married to him and you know he’s hesitant because he doesn’t have as much money to spend. It’s ok to tell him you will be comfortable with a smaller piece or a more modest wedding as long as both of you are together.

If diamonds aren’t your thing, you can suggest a cheaper gemstone. If he knows he’ll not be breaking the bank to make you happy, this will reassure him that you’re prudent and the right fit for him. More so, you can always get a better ring when both of you become financially stable and afford it, but for now, all that’s important is that both of you be together.

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 Buy something Grand

One trick that I have found to be effective and get your man to start taking your relationship seriously and possibly get married to you is buy something big and not let him know prior before to the purchase.

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For example, you can buy a house or make a down payment on a car, by yourself, without him knowing about it. Just buy something big, without his knowledge, that he won’t envisage that you’ll do.

Just make sure you still have money in the bank after you make the purchase, we don’t want you going broke because you need him to propose. Once you purchase without his knowledge, he will be surprised and think he doesn’t have a place in your life anymore; this will create a lot of questions. If he asks why you didn’t consult with him, you can reply.

“He’s not your husband,” or “He’s not your guardian angel,” of course, this will make him mad, but he will also rethink his place in your life, and possibly want to put a ring on it.  

 Make him understand what marriage means to you

And finally, you both need to have an honest conversation if you want him to pop the question. Most men don’t see marriage as a big deal. They see marriage as a piece of paper, more like the contract they are used to in the office. But if you’re reading this eBook, it is assumed that marriage means more to you.

Probably, it’s the decisive sign of love and commitment for you, or perhaps it gives you security and stability in the relationship, or it could even mean spending the rest of your life with the one you truly love and can’t live without. It is your job to make sure your man knows the exact reason why you want to get married.

Whether he is big on the idea of getting married or not, knowing how much married means to you might be enough to create that spark needed for him to leap. If he sees you in his future, then getting married to you won’t be a struggle for him because he will want to see you happy.

 Oh well, we have come to the end of this short expose on how to get him from boyfriend to husband. By now, you should have enough weapons in your arsenal ready to fire away in getting the man of your dreams walks you down the aisle.