National Open University Result Grading System & CGPA Calculations

National Open University Result Grading

This is a simple way to calculate the National Open University Result Grading system for the Calculations of NOUN Examination results and CGPA–GPA Calculation with summary and Interpretation of the newly released Noun examination result

And this is to inform you that, The National Universities Commission, NUC is no longer using a scale of 4, the new result grading system is based on a scale of 5. That’s–First Class is 4.5–5. The second class is 3.5–4.49, and the Second class lower is 2.4–3.49.

NOUN Result Terms Seen on the NOUN Online Result Portal

Total Credit Carried

This means the total number of credit units of courses that you have written so far till date (both the ones the students passed and the ones he/she failed, if any). It is the total unit of all attempted exams so far.

Total Credits Earned

This is the total number of credit units of courses that a student passed so far. It doesn’t count the ones he/she failed here. A unit you earn is a unit that you didn’t fail. A unit failed is a unit lost, and such a student has to rewrite such a failed course and pass it to earn it.

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To graduate from the NOUN University, a student must earn a certain number of credit units in total (depending on the department and also on whether the student entered through direct entry to 200level or through normal 100level). Usually, the minimum requirement is 120 credit units for normal entry students and 90 units for direct entry students.

Total Grade Point Earned

This is the total grade points calculated by multiplying the unit of each course by the point of the grade you scored in them.

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)

This is the total grade points earned divided by the total number of credits carried. In the above example, for instance, CGPA for such a candidate will be calculated as 26/10=2.60..

NOUN Approved Student Result Grading System

For the Noun Result grading system update, note that if you score A in any course, the point is 5

if you score B in any course, the point is 4if you score C in any course; the point is 3if you score D in any course; the point is 2if you score E in any course; the point is 1if you score F on any course; the point is 0

Under the Newly Approved Five (5)-Point Grading Scale, grades to be used for students who have satisfactorily completed the course of study at the National Open University of Nigeria are:

Letter Grade

Marks Grade Point

  • A
  • (70 and above) 5
  • B
  • (60-69%) 4
  • C
  • (50-59%) 3
  • D
  • (45-49%) 2
  • E
  • (40-44%) 1

Grade Point Average (GPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) Calculations

At the end of the Noun examinations, students’ grades are collated and calculated using the NOUN GPA and CGPA formula below.

The raw scores are recorded and are weighted to produce a single point average for each of the courses registered for, and for which students have written the Tutor-Marked Assignments and examinations.

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How To Calculate NOUN TMA Scores FAST

TMA means Tutor Marked assignment. for your registered courses, you are entitled to 3 TMAs, which you must submit before the end of the semester exam. After submission, it will be graded over 30.

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Let’s take GST101 as a course case study.

Let’s say,

TMA 1 you scored 10.0
TMA 2 you scored 9.00
TMA 3 you scored 10.0

Your TMA scores for GST101 is 29 over 30 when you add all together

Now the question is, how do I calculate my E-exam score plus my TMA score?

The formula for Calculation of GPA

Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated by adding up all credit units earned for the semester and dividing the figure gotten by the number of credit units registered for the semester. This calculation results in a mathematical mean or average.

The GPA is computed on a semester basis. The formula for calculating GPA is as follows

GPA  =    CUE    CUR

CUE = Credit Unit Earned

CUR = Credit Unit Registered

NOUN CGPA Calculations

The cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is the Total Credit Unit Earned (TCUE) divided by the Total Credit Unit Registered (TCUR). The CGPA is calculated at the end of two (2) or more semesters. The formula for calculating CGPA is:


TCUE = Total Credit Unit Earned

TCUR = Total Credit Unit Registered

Class of Degree

NOUN CGPA Ranges under the new Five (5)- Point Grading Scale for Classification of Degrees.

Class of degree is assigned based on the CGPA upon completion of the Programme, and is presented:

First Class (4.5 to 5.0)

Second Class upper (3.5 to 4.49)

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Second Class lower (2.4 to 3.49), and

Third Class (1.5 to 2.39)

Quick Notes for Good Academic Standing

  • In order to be in good standing, you must maintain an average of 1.5 and above.
  • In the national open university and other conventional universities, anyone that has below 1.5 CGPA is advised to withdraw after three semesters, and no student whose CGPA is less than 1.0 shall be awarded a degree.
  • In addition, you must meet all degree award requirements; that is, you must pass compulsory courses and electives up to the minimum total number of credit units required and pass all compulsory GST courses

How To Calculate National Open University Result Grading Using New Grading Scale

Multiply the points by the unit of each course to get the grade point for a particular course.


If you score A in a 3-unit course, it means 3×5=15.

If you score B in a 2-unit course, it means 2×4=8.

If you score F in a 3-unit course, it means 3×0=0.

If you score A in a zero-unit course, it means 0x5=0. And so on.

NOUN Examination Result Sample

Here’s a sample of Noun result (course code, unit of the course and the score):

CIT101 (2units) AMTH103 (3units) BPHY101 (2units) DMTH101 (3units) FGST101 (0units) A

The result calculations are shown below;

Total credits carried = 10 Total credits earned = 7 Total grade point earned = (2×5 + 3×4 + 2×2 + 3×0 + 0x5) = (10 + 12 + 4 + 0 + 0) = 26