PAC-MAN 99 Battle Royale Is Now Available on the Nintendo Switch Online

There’s always something exciting going on with Nintendo Switch, and one of them is PAC-MAN 99 Battle Royale. Currently, there is a game called PAC-MAN 99 Battle Royale on the Nintendo Switch, which has piqued the interest of many gamers.

You would think that, as one of the most famous video games, Tetris, there are a plethora of methods to enhance Pac-essential Man’s game principles. However, Nintendo, like Tetris, is looking forward to proving you wrong. In the spirit of Tetris 99, Nintendo has now released PAC-MAN 99, a game that sets 99 players against each other in a quest to be the last Pac standing in a high-octane game of sheer mayhem.

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The Nintendo Switch version of PAC-MAN 99 Battle Royale is now available online.

Other battle royale games, like Fortnite and PUBG, may make you imagine that one “map” has about a hundred Pac-Man chompings. This would have been fascinating, but Nintendo figured out a method to retain the essence of the game the same while making it as chaotic as a battle royale game. All 99 players still have their own “board,” but in addition to racing against ghosts, they may now sabotage the progress of others.

The gameplay of PAC-MAN 99

The Jammer Pac-Man idea is included with the Pac-Man 99. Every ghost you chomp on (after swallowing a power pellet, of course) will be dispatched to a random player’s board as a “ghost” Pac-Man, slowing you down when you come across them. Then there are the “sleeper ghosts” that you may devour to leave a trail behind you that pursues your ghoulish foes.

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You may be wondering why this is essential. You may opt to send even more jammer Pac-Men to your opponents when you chomp on the genuine ghosts. PAC-MAN 99, like every contemporary game, has its own set of settings and power-ups to keep you on your toes.


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The Nintendo Switch version of PAC-MAN 99 is now available, but exclusively as an exclusive for Nintendo Switch Online users. There are also commercial DLCs available to shake things up a little and make your game seem like a Xevious or GALAGA game instead.

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