Attack On Titan Season 4

Attack On Titan Season 4- Out Now For Free Download

Attack on Titans is a Japanese action movie directed by Shinji Higuchi and written by Yusuke Watanabe and Tomohiro Machiyama.

This Japanese anime explains the path of some childhood friends, who enroll in a military corporation to fight the colossal titans that had destroyed their hometown. 

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Season 4| Attack On Titans

Currently, the last and final season of the Attack On Titans tv-series is called “Attack On Titans; The Final Season“, this particular season was produced by MAPPA. It was confirmed that this final season was to be released later this year to the public. 

Attack On Titan Season 4


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As of recently, the new season has 16 episodes, the music for this season was done by Hiroyuki and Kohta Yamamoto with it’s opening theme song being ‘My War’ that was done by Shinsei Kamattechan. While the closing theme song is called shock done by Yuko Ando. This season was directed by Yuichiro Hayashi. 

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Release Date of the Season 4 Attack On Titans

The Release date of Attack On Titans is set for the 6th of December in the USA and London while in Japan, its release is set for the 7th of December. The dates are seen to be a little different because of the complications in Time Zone. 

This movie is set to throw you off your feet and blow your mind with it’s vivid and interesting scenes and wonderful characters that portray the exact emotion needed to make you feel as if you are the one in the movie. 

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