How To Repost Instagram Stories | Resharing Stories & Posts

Instagram has turned out to be the go-to social media platform, providing everyone with a convenient means of sharing our experiences to the World. There is a lot that is possible on this social media app, but unfortunately, some of us still find it challenging to perform some tasks. One of these is how one can repost Instagram stories and pictures.

Repost Instagram Stories

A reasonable number of Instagram users are still unable to use the app to the fullest. It is a haven for surplus features and numerous innovations for various online purposes. However, one essential element is still missing amid all these options.

Nonetheless, Instagram appears to be on its way to provide the feature, and until we get an official approach to repost on Instagram, we will share the best alternative ways to get the same result on the app.
Repost Instagram Stories and Pictures

The following Apps will enable you to get the best result when reposting stories on Instagram. These are third-party apps that have proven to be reliable for this purpose and more.

Instagram Repost Applications

When resharing a picture or video, you can get apps that can help you to achieve this. Three of the best alternatives to do these are Repost For Instagram, InstaRepost, and Buffer. Those apps are available on the Google Play Store and the App Store for downloads.

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The app allows you repost posts by providing easy steps: get the app downloaded to your device, select the photo or the video for reposting, [Copy] the post’s URL by clicking on the three-dotted list and picking the Share URL alternative, and then start the Repost For Instagram app where you will get the aspired post.


All THESE is needed is for you to click on the indicator ARROW icon and share, then select- the Copy to the Instagram options, edit your post, finally share the post, which insistence be reposted on Instagram. This is another alternative that can help you Repost Instagram Stories on your feed. All you have to do download the app, link on your Instagram details, pick the post expected through Insta Repost, double-select the Repost option to save and get the post on Instagram, add the specified filters you have saved, and post.

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Methods of Saving and Reposting

If you wish not to install the app and to complete the guides of reposting on Instagram, you can take a [screenshot] of the wanted post, crop it to as you want, attach that required edits, and post it on your Instagram, including the image courtesy of the authorization.

Nevertheless, if you also wish to have the media tool stored on your Instagram, locate your DownloadGram site, copy the [URL] of the post on the app, select a Download option you want, including the video or the photo to be saved to your smartphone. Following this, you can then combine all the necessary adjustments to the media before posting it on Instagram.

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