How To Clean Your Steel Watches

How To Clean Your Steel Watches Without Damaging Them

How To Clean Your Steel Watches Without Damaging Them; The characteristic strength of the steel makes it a suitable metal for the manufacture of wristwatches, and that is why it has been a common material for making quality watches as the popular Seiko watches for men. It is also so easy to preserve the objects made from this material that it is possible to maintain for an indefinite time without having any issues with their initial color. Even in cases of persistent dirt, there are appropriate methods to achieve safe removal from unwanted corrosion.

In the specific case of watches, what will interest us most is to take care of the natural brightness they have. By cleaning them with some regularity and delicacy, we will get them to look beautiful, so they always look like new. So, in this article, I will be showing you four tips to help you clean your steel wristwatches to maintain their beauty and luster.

1: Clean the surface with a cloth

Eliminating the dust that can accumulate in some parts of our watch is very important since if it accumulates progressively, it can cause damage not only to the exterior but also to the internal mechanism of the watch. For this, we have to get a soft cloth. Usually, those that are used to clean glass are the most suited for this task. When proceeding with the cleaning, we have to try to make circular movements on the steel surface.

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2: Use a liquid glass cleaner or vinegar

There are many liquids to clean glass that are also useful to give our watches their original brightness. What we have to do is sprinkle some of these liquids on a delicate cloth so that later we can pass it through the watch. You have to be careful only to moisten and not wet the fabric or cloth we use. Otherwise, we could damage our watch. An alternative to this method, you can use the more natural way which using vinegar to clean the steel watch.Using vinegar to clean steel watches is considered as an effective multi-object stain remover method. To get a better result from this, people also often mix the vinegar with water. That way, it goes gently on your watch while still effectively removing every stain.

3: Soak the watch bracelet in a glass cleaner liquid

For those watches that are in a more deteriorated state, cleaning with a cloth will not always be enough, so it is necessary to use more direct ways to improve the appearance of the watch made in steel.

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Therefore, it is advisable to submerge the watchband between ten to fifteen minutes. However, you need to take note that only the bracelet is to be overwhelmed and not the face of the watch as this would seriously damage it; be it an analog, digital, or mixed clock.
After the indicated minutes have passed, look for a brush to clean the entire bracelet. Just like you did with clothing, you can also use vinegar or vinegar mixed with water here too.

4: The use of toothpaste to remedy scratches and scrapes

Like vinegar, toothpaste is a very good homemade cleanser. Its use is recommended about silver objects and is equally useful for those made of steel. Mainly, it is used for steel watches because, as it is not a liquid, it allows us more versatility in the cleaning process, since we do not have to worry so much about wetting the internal mechanisms of the watch.


The toothpaste is beneficial when it comes to eliminating minor scratches and scrapes. So, if you don’t have vinegar in your home or afraid of damaging your watch with it, toothpaste is an excellent alternative to consider. It goes gently on the clock and also works effectively too.

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Steel watches are usually valuable watches, and we may want to clean them in a specialized store rather than doing it at home ourselves – depending on the dirt. Cleaning at specialized stores will allow both the interior and exterior of the watch be cleaned.

If you are not using a submersible steel watch, you may need to be more careful when cleaning them at home because any water leakage could damage the watch.
Religiously applying the above tips will help you retain the beautiful and new looking appearance of your steel watch like you just bought it new.

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