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iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max Features Explained.

It can be argued that the iPhone 11 has made a significant buzz more than Apple’s previous release. For a tech freak like me, the iPhone 11 highlights are anticipating. users are tired of seeing differences in memory sizes and camera. iPhone 6 camera and memory still serve me well. Naturally, there is much pressure… Read More »

Steps On How To Download Dropbox On Mac

Before we begin… What is Dropbox? It is a free web-based app that lets you save and store files, documents, or pictures across the internet. It is an online backup service that you can use for file sharing and collaboration. This application is a modern work-space that is designed to help reduce busywork so that… Read More »

How Upcoming iPhone feature Will Turn your iPhone or Apple Watch Into a Car Key

Today’s article twirls around iPhone Upcoming Feature. Apple is slowly moving into a car business in a very big way if a newly discovered leak is any indication. The “car key” feature in the latest iOS 13.4 beta discovered by 9to5mac. Will allow you to use your iPhone or Apple watch to start your car… Read More »